Memory Cushions in the UK

Handcrafted memory cushions make a lovely keepsake to remember a loved one that you have lost, or a great way to mark a milestone in someone’s life. We can turn any shirt into a bespoke memory cushion or why not use several items to create a quilted cushion, then have your own personalised message embroidered on to your memory cushion.

Perfect gift for family members or close friends, memory cushions are such a unique

gift but one that can be so personal and touching but with very little words. An alternative to our keepsake animals we also offer at Tiller & Co.

Keepsake cushions in the pictures are approx. 18″ x 18″ this is based on a XL shirt, small and medium shirts will make approx. 16″ x 16″ Memory Cushions.

Get started today on your very own memory cushion. If you need assistance, please contact us or phone 07557 654 559 .