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Keepsake Christmas stocking


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Christmas Keepsake stocking created from your child’s baby clothes a great unique gift to treasure for many years  

Product Description

keepsake Christmas stocking

Our keepsake Christmas stockings our made from your little ones  baby grows, a great way to remember there early years Each stocking is unique and bespoke to you . The stockings are approximately 40cm in length, are lined and have a hanging ribbon so that they look beautiful hanging up every Christmas.
The keepsake stockings can be personalised with your children’s name
The stocking pictured has been made using six baby grows, your welcome to use more if you so wish This is a lovely way of preserving those memories of  your children’s  first Christmas and a great way to transform there outgrown Christmas clothes into a precious keepsake to enjoy year after year.









Weighting your Keepsake

Weighting is only available on certain animals as shown in the table Please be aware that  weighted animals will appear a lot bigger than they do in the main  photos and will generally have much chunky looking limbs. Please add your weight in the add weight section
Item Name up to 7lb up to 8lb up to 10lb
Classic bear no no no
Lion no no  no
Elephant no no  no
Dog no  no  no
Cat yes  no  no
Monkey yes  no  no
Cushion  no  no  no

Shipping Information

Quantity   Delivery Method Price for Delivery
One Animal   Royal Mail £6.95
Two Animals   Royal Mail £8.95
Three  Animals   Royal Mail £10.95
Four Animals   Royal Mail £12.95
Five Animals   Royal Mail £14.95
Six animals +   Royal Mail free
Cushions   Royal Mail £5.95

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