Creating a bear

Opening the parcel we always get excited at this point  its like Christmas every day, as you can see our client has sent us baby cloths (36 months) its going to be a tight squeeze getting all the pattern pieces out of these two items, we would recommend sending in 4 items to be on the safe side, but I must say  two very nice items these are going to make a lovely bear




It’s always a challenge deciding the layout for the pattern, please note this is only a selection of the pattern and as I suspected we can’t fit all the pattern on the items, we had to ask our client to send us another item, so its always worth sending in extra items when it’s baby cloths





Doesn’t look like much at this stage, I have just sewn part of the head and the one ear, the other ear is the bit on the right







Getting a little bit more complicated now, this is the complete head all pinned together (watch your fingers) ready for sewing I always need to concentrate on this section







I can relax now, the head completed I didn’t dare show you the head without putting his safety eyes in first (looks scary without eyes)







I won’t keep you guessing, the white patterned section is the bear’s tummy section







As a lot of you know we can embroider name’s or date of birth etc. on the bears paws, always makes the bear’s look extra special and personal, we love this machine we couldn’t do without it







We are getting there, the completed arms and legs, hopefully you can see it all coming together







Made with love another Tiller & Co keepsake  bear 🙂 xxx