Why us

 At Tiller & Co we understand and appreciate what our customers cherished items of clothing mean to them, so we take great care and time on every bespoke item we create and pride ourselves on personal service always happy to chat with customers about their special requirements and ideas for their own bespoke item. The attention to detail is second to none, it must be done perfect doesn’t matter how long it takes, our head designer personally sets out each of the pattern pieces on to the customers cherished fabric to make sure every keepsake/memory item created looks perfect (this can take some time)

We always add an iron on stabilizing interfacing on to the fabric of all the keepsakes we create, to guarantee your item lasts a lifetime and looks perfect, and not lumpy and out of proportion that you often see on some websites, we often find customers as soon as they receive there items they return to us time after time, you are welcome to order your items through our website which has been designed to make the whole process as easy as possible, with no complicated order forms or confusing payment