Our Story

My love of sewing started many years ago, when in my spare time I would spend hours making teddy bears, dolls and various handcrafted embroidered bags for friends and family. Some two years ago my partner and myself semi-retired to the lovely county of Cornwall. Which gave me the opportunity and time to pursue my passion of sewing 

During the two years we have made quite a range of dolls, teddies, bags and had great fun selling them at various craft fairs/markets around Cornwall during this time, we have been asked to make bespoke memory items which we have loved doing, we have made teddy bears and dolls from baby cloths as keepsakes, we have made teddy bears and dolls for clients that have lost loved ones, using their own sentimental garments. Which gave us the inspiration to set up our own company to offer the same to others, starting out with just myself and my partner, our business has grown over the last two years to include a small dedicated team of seamstress and little helpers